Our Projects


Temporarily sold out! successfully reached $180,000!


This item is a manufacturer from the U.S. We made an exclusive distribution agreement. It sold much better than we had expected so it was sold out temporarily. Our project raised over $180k and were backed by more than 2k supporters!  The manufacturer was satisfied with our achievement. 


Reached the funding goal in 3 mins. Over $90,000 on green funding.

Product:Menka fire lamp

This item is a manufacturer from India. We made an exclusive agreement online as well. We collected 6k email list prior to the project. While the project of a similar product were run on Makuake, we successfully ended up the project with 3 times higher funding amount on green funding than the Makuake one.


over 1000 units in a day& $100,000 in 1.5 days

Product:BolaSolution P17

This was a contract with a Korean manufacturer. We focused on pre-launch and collected over 7,000 email lists before starting the project. We also asked for a product review from a YouTuber and all our efforts turned out very successful! As a result, this project was successful greatly with over 22 million yen.


Reached $170,000! hottest ebike on Makuake!

Product:Storm e-bike

This is a manufacturer from China. We got an exclusive contract online, and our client also did a good job of attracting customers in advance. Our project for the previous model also reached $100k and we built a very good relationship with the manufacturer. This is another project for the different model and it also went pretty well.


more than $13,000 in just 2 days!

Product:SAMURA super 5

This was a Latvian manufacturer. 3 different Japanese distributors were actually promoting the knives from the same manufacturers at the same time on Makuake, but this project raised the highest amount. We were able to achieve 7.02 million yen thanks to our proactive efforts after the project launch.


more than $100,000 in the first 5 hours, record high for our club.

Product:Portable Power Station G500L

This is a manufacturer from China. We launched the previous model before and funded over $150 thousand in total. Since then, we have built a great relationship with the manufacture and they entrusted the latest model to us, which made a huge hit! 


$10,000 in just 9 mins. collected over 5,200 lists during pre-launch

Product:Henson Shaving

This is a manufacturer from Canada. We made an exclusive agreement online. We collected over 5,200 customer lists with just less than $2700. (CPA is amazingly $0.5.) As we expected from the ads performance at the pre-launch, the sales surged at the very beginning of the project.


Over $100,000 by making the most of Instagram


This is a manufacturer from Tennessee, US. Actually, a similar product was launched just before our launch, but we made the most of Instagram during the pre-launch and Makuake project. That made us raise over 10,000,000 yen! Later on, it was featured on a Japanese TV show. That is a definitely good example of taking an advantage of Instagram.


Over 400 backers in the first 5 days on Makuake!

Product:Swanz Kokoro Flask

This is a manufacturer from Singapore. We made an exclusive agreement online. Since the product made a huge hit on a crowdfunding platform in Taiwan, we tried our hardest to meet the manufacture’s expectations. The manufacture was satisfied with the result and entrusted another latest product to us.


$10,000 in the first 4 hours!

Product:AI Voice Recorder

This is a manufacturer from China. Based on our research, we knew the market of AI voice recorders & translators were quite big on Makuake. We contacted the manufacturer and ask them to let us promote this product in the Japanese market. The project turned to be very successful and the manufacturer was satisfied with our achievement.


Over $60,000 on the first week! Total sales of over $95,000!


This is a manufacturer from the United States. We found this product on Kickstarter and had an online meeting with them. We tried our hardest for Pre-launch in order to collect emails of the potential backers. That made project start very well and keep going well.


1,000 backers in the first 5 hours! featured on a popular TV program!

Product:bebird R1

This is a manufacturer from China. We made an exclusive contract online. Even though they gave us a limited period for pre-launch and campaign, we did it! We made a good plan for our success and run an advertisement intensively in a short amount of time. Our effort paid off! It was featured on a Japanese popular TV program on January 28th.


Over 2023% of the funding goal in the first 2 hours.

Product:Horse Riding Chair

This manufacturer is based in Korea. We have achieved over 10 million yen in crowdfunding and are moving on B2B business by exhibiting at the Tokyo Gift Show. We have already got a chance to exhibit at a large shopping building, and we expect to our potential large volume sales.


over $200,000 in the first 6 days and $440,000 in total on Makuake!

Product:The Imperial and The Vanguard V8 (WALDHOFF)

This is a manufacturer from Germany. We made an exclusive agreement online. WALDOFF is a well-known watch maker on Kickstarter and they actually raised billions of fundings on the platform.  We tried very hard in order to meet their expectations in the Japanese market. As a result, we have achieved $200 thousand (¥20 million) in the first 6 days!


Over $32,000 in 24 hours. A total sales of $130,000

Product:Prestigio Click and Touch

This is a manufacturer from Shenzhen and the headquarter in Belarus. We made a exclusive agreement online. We collected many customer’s email lists before the campaign started. Once it was launched, it went very well. We reached the total sales of $130,000.


$10,000 in the first hour on Makuake!


This is a manufacturer from Australia. We had meetings 5 times until they finally gave us an exclusive right to sell this product. We collected 2500 customer’s lists before the campaign and the project has been going very well.


Follow the Trend on Makuake and raised over $100,000!

Product:Wooask AI voice recorder

This is a manufacturer from Shenzhen, China. We found there was a trend of smart voice recorders with a translation function coming on Makuake. We conducted this project at the right timing and then hit over 10,000,000 yen!


Reached the funding goal in only 15 seconds!

Product:Kaiser 2

This is a manufacturer from China. We achieved the funding goal in only 15 seconds and surpassed $30,000 in the first 10 hours! It was difficult to set the best price considering high shipping and tariff but this project is funded by over 200 backers!


more than $30,000 in the first 30 mins and over $100,000 in 3 days.


This is a manufacturer from the US. We found this item on Kickstarter and made an exclusive agreement with them. It took a long time until the project was launched. We collected lists of 3000 customers before the campaign. It went very well! We are aiming for a $200,000 of funding goal.